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Werner Krauss

Dr. phil. Cultural Anthropology
Cluster of Excellence "Integrated Climate Predicition and Analysis" (CliSAP)
University of Hamburg
Grindelberg 5
D-20144 Hamburg

photo of Krauss

As a cultural anthropologist, my current research and writing is mostly about the anthropology of climate change, with a special focus on climate discourse, the role of climate science, and on the emergence of renewable energies. These topics evolved from my long-term interest in human-environment relationships, political ecology, (post-)environmental theory, the anthropology of landscape, nature conservation, science & technology studies and multi-sited ethnography. I have conducted fieldwork in the Swiss Alps, in the South of Portugal (Alentejo), in Northern Germany and Texas on topics such as environmental conflicts, national parks, nature conservation, the emergence of renewable energies, climate change and climate science.

Other topics of interest are cultural studies, gender studies and the anthropology of sport. As an anthropologist, I feel at home in different academic communities; I have worked in many interdiscplinary fields with natural scientists, geographers, sociologists, Germanic and European studies and others.

My teaching covers a wide range of topics such as anthropological theory, political ecology, European Studies, climate change, human-animal relationships, or sports and globalization. I am also one of the editors of a weblog on climate change at the interface of science, politics and society, http://klimazwiebel.blogspot.com.